Cedars Yard 




Do you want your wedding day or event entertainment to really stand out? 

Our art event YOUR GUEST CANVAS is geared to do just that.

A new kind of event that's stunning the wedding experts.


How does this creative event work? 


​Cedars Yard invites you and your guests to join artist Emma (founder of the YOUR GUEST CANVAS event) to help paint a bespoke piece of original art for your home.


A pre-consultation discusses your style, what you'd like in a piece and colour preferences. Emma will then produce a bespoke canvas design just for you, so we can help ensure itll be a successful painting for your home.


​This fun and creative activity is a real conversational piece as guests watch each other work and admire the artwork as it progresses. You don't need to think you're particulary artistic as tape will guide you to paint in a section and Emma will on hand to offer tips or if you want to unleash your inner Monet your free to express yourself. All painters are given the opportunity too to sign a guest sheet so well wishes are easily passed on.


So why not get arty with a professional artist and paint a truly unique memento of your day that doesn't scream wedding .

A stand out event that creates conversation, creativity, laughter and even some competition.


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