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Our key to success is simple. People . Products . Plans.


Team up with me as YOUR Consultant - to be your cheerer-onner to personally support you through your Journey. Our Plan is based on research, developed over decades by the top experts in the field. 

Your experience of The 1:1 Diet will be like having a friend by your side. Trying to lose weight on your own can be pretty tough. If you've tried other diets & have given up within the first couple of weeks, you're not alone, we've all been there. But this is why I am here to help!


The benefit of starting your journey with The 1:1 Diet is that not only will you have a personalised weight loss plan, you won't have to face the challenges of losing weight on your own, having me as your Consultant will keep you on track & motivated every step of the way!


The effectiveness of our diet Plan is not just based on our proven, nutritionally-balanced products. You get a tailored made, flexible Plan, with one-to-one support from me as your trained Consultant to make sure you hit your goals - big or small. 


The products are designed to replace as few as one meal & as many as all of your normal meals in your diet, depending on your particular needs & goals. They contain the recommended levels of all essential vitamins, minerals & other nutrients they have been shown to lead to substantial weight loss through calorie restriction & better dietary intake.



The regular, one-to-one consultation visits with me are a crucial aspect of The 1:1 Diet. This kind of support has been proven to help optimise effective weight-loss. I will also support you throughout the weeks in between our private consultations. 


I have been on my own weight loss Journey so I totally understand how it feels. I too have been a bride so understand the desire for you wanting to shine on your day with confidence. 

I would love to be able to support you. Have a look at my website & Social Links to find out more about me but more importantly what I can do to support you.