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Spiral Events LTD are the original Interactive wedding fayre company.

Started in 2019 by Michelle Savoy who has established her career and experience within her own respective areas of the wedding industry.

The idea was simple, to coordinate a wedding fayre that was professional and well organised whilst creating a relaxed environment for brides and grooms to ‘try before they buy’ and eliminate the intimidating hard sell that so many fayres generate.

‘Whilst attending wedding fayres as an exhibitor myself I found that good communication was the key to building positive relationships and creating successful business’

The Wedding industry has always been highly competitive, but I favor a collaboration not competition approach. Preferring to concentrate on how fantastic suppliers can help support each other and reach their full business potential.

 More and more venues are contacting Spiral Events, preferring an approachable and friendly attitude.

Michelle understands that planning a successful wedding fayre is time consuming, for that reason Michelle and her team personally plan the entire event from beginning to end. We manage everything from selecting the exhibitors, marketing and advertising to planning, setting up and packing away on the day and there is

absolutely no cost to the venue.

The total wedding exhibition is counter balanced by any venue hire fees.

We do require an agreed space that will accommodate a minimum of 30 exhibitors.

We understand that reputation is particularly important in the wedding industry which is why we insist on an initial face to face meeting between ourselves and the venue management to be able to incorporate any direct values / ideas / requests that you as a venue may have.

Additionally, to this all advertising is agreed upon by both parties and will include the venues own branding.

Michelle created Spiral Events LTD to stand out from other local wedding fayre’s and we have done this

by injecting interactive elements to our wedding fayres.

Modern couples want to know what their spending their money on and with the average wedding in the UK now costing £16,005 we do not blame them.

By adding the interactive element, it enhances the ability for venues, and suppliers to show couples what they can offer them.

By creating a fun and relaxed environment to showcase your wedding services and packages

in turn generates a positive connection been yourself and your potential customer.

We wholly believe the relationship between a couple and their wedding suppliers should be a positive and genuine one.

In the end it all comes down to successful advertising to make the event a success.

We study our advertising approaches thoroughly to make sure all our event promotion and marketing is relevant and most importantly seen. We use a comprehensive mix of advertising techniques from road signs and online directories to magazines and leaflet distribution.

Our most successful advertising campaigns are across our social media platforms, we spend a high budget promoting our events directly to your target audience.

Additionally to this we promote all our exhibitors directly including our venues by providing direct links and tags to your online pages and sites, this in turn allows each exhibitor to share the event advertising directly across their own social media platforms and websites to their target audiences meaning our advertising goes further with a focus towards getting real couples through the door  

We'd Love to hear from you!


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