Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We just loved pulling together this colourful shoot, for us it was important that whilst we created some beautiful pictures we needed to keep it real. Every aspect of these pictures and styling are all achievable for real weddings meaning you CAN create this look for your dream wedding. Read on to find out what each of the different suppliers has said about their favourite photos...

Spiral Events Ltd - A tale of a peacock feather

Photograph by Joe Lillywhite

As the idea of Peacock Boho expanded, so did our colour pallet and supplier list. The rich strong tones within a peacock feather meant that we were able to play around by adding vivid flashes of different colours that complemented each other without overdoing it and spoiling the overall look.

Textures also became an important feature especially within the table set up, the soft silky table runner against the sprawling foliage worked wonderfully, working with Sarah Huxley from Black diamond weddings was awesome she immediately understood the brief and really managed to create a dynamic and interesting table with different heights and textures whilst making it relatable and achievable for couples on their wedding planning journey.

This scene was set in the King Charles Hall in the Guildhall Winchester, the hall itself is a dramatic space with huge chandeliers and beautiful windows and panelling, so we knew we had to do something special to work within such a beautiful space and create the next level image we had in our heads, that’s where the models styling was key.

Our male model was styled by Kenneth from Slaters in Basingstoke who worked with us to find the perfect suits to bring the whole shoot together. We loved the idea of using coloured suits, we have more and more grooms asking about stepping away from the traditional black and grey so we were really keen to feature this, having Kenneth on hand to help with the styling was great. To style our female model we worked with Olivia George Bridal they have so many gorgeous gowns to choose from it was hard to know where to start, but Michelle and Carolyn knew exactly what to suggest. Although the blue gown was not used for all the images within this set, it created such a gorgeous shape and movement within this image that we instantly loved it!

Joe’s understanding of angles and ability to capture the perfect non staged natural shot is remarkable.

Being able to coordinate so many people to work together on one project is tough, there’s a lot to think about and organise and it takes a lot of time to make sure everyone’s working towards the same goal (Just like a real wedding) but the end result is always worth it, and that’s why we love what we do!

From small intimate events to large weddings with an endless guest list our planning methods remain the same, we get to know our client and build solid relationships with trustworthy suppliers.

Spiral Events Ltd - Romance meets Boho

Photograph by Katherine and her Camera

When we started planning this photoshoot the only goal was to create a Fun and Relatable shoot with a very romantic candlelit ceremony. After many discussions and Pinterest searches that idea spiraled into what is now known as peacock boho.

Although the bold splashes of colour were hard to resist we knew we wanted to keep the ceremony stripped back, simple and beautifully romantic. We had visions of a real couple embracing each other amongst the candlelight. True love at its best.

The brickwork arches in the courtyard room of the Guildhall, Winchester were perfectly positioned for us to create a focal point, a delicate construction of lush greenery and simple white blooms was decided upon as the perfect backdrop for our embracing couple, whilst candle light would flicker at their feet.

We love Katherines ability to capture the intensity and realness of a single moment.